Do you ship internationally?

  • Unfortunately at this time, we only ship across the United States. We are working to expand our shipping locations in the near future.

Why is my candle tunneling?

  • It is important that your first burn is approximately 2-3 hours OR until your candle reaches a full melt pool (melted from edge to edge) before you blow out your candle. Doing this will ensure an even burn throughout your candles life.

Why is there frosting on my candle and wax melt ?

  • It is very common to have frosting in colored candles & melts especially when using soy wax, It does not mean the candle is any less.

Why is there black soot when I light my candle?

  • Please make sure to trim your wick !! Make sure your wick is trimmed 1/4" before you relight your candle. Not trimming your wicks before each use can lead to an excess amount of black smoke around the jar.

What is the purpose of the samples I received with my order?

  • Main purpose is to use them as wax melts to smell our other candle scents without purchasing.

Why are there holes in the wax when my candle is burning?

  • They are called SINKHOLES. Sinkholes are normal for soy wax candles. Don't worry, it will not impact the burning quality of your candle.

Why is my candle bumpy after cooling down?

  • That is very common when it comes to soy wax. It is not a sign of a damaged candle & it will not affect the performance of your candle.

What do you use in the candles?

  • Soy|Coconut candle wax, the safest and highest quality fragrance oils/clean scents & mica powder.