Our Story

Hi ! Thank you for stopping by. My name is Jackie and I am the creator of JackieCandlesCo.

JackieCandlesCo. was thought of September 2020 with the idea to create products that are clean and colorful with an added touch of love. Living on my own since I was 22, now 25, I found myself obsessing over candles. Almost every weekend I would go shopping !!! Crazy right ? I know... I would come back home with at least 3 candles.

After filling my small apartment with so many candles, my fiancé asked me "why don't you start making your own candles?" That very night I was glued to my phone watching youtube videos and researching all about how to make candles. I was shocked and excited to get my hands on candle making, so I did it! Each candle is hand poured with love right from my home in New Jersey.

I hope you are as excited as I am. I am obsessed with making these candle products and sharing them with you!

-XOXO Jackie